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Microsoft Planner - organise collaborate and assign tasks with your team

What is it

Following changes in funding and the area review of Colleges in the UK the result has been there is a larger distance between campuses. Thus the need to for teaching teams to be able to plan, collaborate and arrange learning and assessments from a distance.

Microsoft planner is part of Office 365 and it enables teams to create and collaborate on plans,each plan can have a number of buckets you can add tasks to those buckets, assign tasks to team members, add due dates, add to do lists, check the status of tasks.

How to use it

Having created a plan you can add a number of buckets, tasks can be moved between buckets and also can be re-ordered by moving them up and down to change there order. When you click on a task you can add a description, a due date, a start date, a check list, add an attachment you and team members can add comments, and you can all view changes made to tasks.

When to use it

As with Trello I could see this tool being a great way for a teaching team who are based a different sites to co-author a live scheme of learning, the tasks could detail the areas that are to be covered during a lesson, Each lesson is a separate bucket making it easy to swap the tasks from one bucket to another depending on how the learners are progressing.

It can be altered from week to week. It could also be used to monitor progress of learners during a lesson with the buckets being the different tasks to be covered in a lesson, learners could be moved between buckets as they progress.

Students could also use it to assist them in organising their studies or as part of a project based learning assignment where they are collaborating with peers or employers.

For further ideas please check out my infographic

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