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Kahoot - Check students understanding and progress in lesson

As a teacher we are always thinking about different ways to check that our students are understanding what is being covered in class. With more and more students now having there own smart phone with them, this opens up new opportunities for them to use be used in constructive way during the lesson. That is a where Kahoot comes in, it is similar to Quizizz and Quizalize in that learner can respond to multi-choice or single answer quiz questions via their smart phone, to join the quiz all student need to do is to enter a simple code. This site you can simply create, a quiz, a discussion and a survey of a Jumble.using a very easy interface, students can then respond via their tablet or mobile phone by simply entering the a code. Having logged in,click create a quiz, you will them be asked to enter a title, a description, a cover image, an intro video and credit any resources used. You can then start adding in your questions, add question text, set a time limit, an image or video related to the question and either a single answer or multi-choice answers.

A summary of results can them be seen by the tutor. There are also lots of existing public quizzes on a range of subjects that you can search and use.

Here is my video guide on how to use it.

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