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Huzzaz - Collate video playlists from videos on Youtube and Vimeo

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

Link to the site:

Video can be a very useful tool in the classroom and when used outside the classroom as part of flipped learning. The issue is there is an awful lot of video content available, so the challenge is finding the appropriate content. That requires you as the teacher to curate the content, once curated you need to find the best way to share it with your students.

That is where Huzzaz comes in, it is a site that lets you bring together videos from both Youtube and Vimeo and publish them as collections. You can also search collections others have compiled and curated. Existing playlists from Youtube or Albums for Vimeo can also be imported.

You can join by using your email address or your Facebook account, once signed in you can create a collection. It is easy to create a collection, add a title, appropriate tags and a description, the choose a cover image.

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