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Edpuzzle - Add interactivity to you video lessons

Video can be a powerful tool to support students learning, however watching the video on it own is not enough to engage the students and help them to learn, there needs to be an element of interaction.

That is where Edpuzzle comes in it lets you pick a video from any of these providers. Youtube, Khan academy, learn Zillion, National Geographic, TED, and Vimeo to mention just a few.

You can then edit the video's length by topping and tailing it, Record an audio track over the top of a whole video, Add audio notes at a particular points on the video time line.

Finally you can add a quiz, which can include open questions, multiple choice questions, or image based questions.

Once the video is completed you can share it via a EdPuzzle classroom or a Google classroom, students than can then access it by entering a classcode, you can then view who has watched and complete the questions.

I could see this tools being of real use for teachers either as part of some flipped learning or in class activity done with learners during a lesson.

Here is my video guide on how to use it.

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