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Its an old adage but a picture says a thousand words is as relevant today as it has always been just look at the success of sites such as Instagram and Flickr.

When it comes to presenting information, lots of us prefer looking at images rather than reading lots of text. That is why infographics are so useful, they can be great ways of conveying lots of information in the visual format that is easy for people to understand. When it comes to education they can also be hugely use for students and teachers.

In order to make a successful infographic the user must process lots of information down to the key elements, stripping any unnecessary information. The only way they are able do this is by having a really good understanding of the subject they are referring to. Thus I could see this being a great assessment tool for checking a student's understanding of a topic. is a infographic creator, in a similar vain to Piktochart it allows you to create infographics using a easy drag, drop and arrange interface.There is a large gallery of different visual elements, including, images, text in a range of formats,shapes and arrows, whcih you can customise to meet you needs.

It is also possible to insert videos from Youtube, giving you the opportunity to create a playlist. I could see this function being useful if you looking to create some flipped learning materials for your students.

Here is my video walk through.

Once completed your infographic can be shared via a link, embedded into a web page, downloaded as a low res image on the free version or as hi resolution image or PDF if you upgrade to the Pro version.

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