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CV+ A great resource to help your students with CV creation

Link to site:

As we all know a good and up to date CV is a critically important document, when it comes to capturing your qualifications and experience. A good CV could be the difference between being called for an interview and not, So it is key that your students put the best foot forward when it comes to creating a CV.

That is where CV+ comes in, it is a site that helps your learners in creating a CV's, you create an account and log in with your email. Having logged in CV+ has two main areas, one which guide you through a step by step guide for creating your CV, which covers, profile, work history,education, more about me and reference. The second area is referred to as 'My Wall' it is a space were the user can compile additional information about themselves including their achievements experience, hobbies and interests they can also add their Twitter social media feed. The final there is a section with resources for teacher to help them support learners in developing their CV, these are broken down into different sections. I could see this site being of real use to both student and teacher alike especially there is an increased emphasis towards work experience with in lot of courses.

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