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Canva - create screen based graphics

Create web based graphics, for social media, presentations, posters with this easy to use graphics creator, that gives users access to a wide range of free to use images and graphics.

Simply choose the type of graphic, from one of the social media and presentation templates on offer or add the size in pixels of the thing you are creating. Having chosen the size of the image you are creating you use drag and drop feature to bring in elements and arrange them as required. It allows you to resize them, change there colour and arrange them backward and forwards. It provides a very easy way to create buttons for your class website or VLE, having created one button you can duplicate it amend, the text colour, so you end up with themed set of buttons. Click here to see a video on how to create buttons and add them to a Google site. I have also used it to create image thumbnails for my Youtube videos to give them a uniform look and feel. A video on how to do that can be seen here.

Once finished you can link to your graphics or download them as a PNG or as a PDF.

Canva is now also available as app on iOS

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