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Blabberize - Convert static images to short talking head video

With the continued growth of social media, there has seen an increase in the use of amusing animated GIFs that either feature talking heads, or clips from popular films and TV series.

In this post I look at Blabberize, it is a simple site that enables you take a static image, add voice and make it the mouth move as it talks.

I could see this being a fun way to welcome students, to an online course or community, and an alternative to having to appear on camera yourself. Or it could be used as a way of students introducing themselves to a class online community.

The site requires Flashplayer so depending on your browser settings you may need to allow that to run. Having created an account and logged in, here is a step by step guide of what you need to do:

  • Select an image you want use and uploaded it

  • Crop the image

  • Using the purple and green dots to adjust which part of the mouth you want to open

  • Allow microphone access

  • Upload or record the voice over

  • Then share via link or embed in webpage.

Here is my video guide

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