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Welcome to my newly updated website now including my edtech blog 'James thinks it worth a look' in which I review a range of edtech sites and apps along with sharing my approaches on using technology in the classroom.

I am passionate about how technology can be used to benefit teaching learning and assessment. I have a wealth of teaching experience with over 20 years teaching across Further and Higher education. I am Passionate about teaching and learning and how technology can be used to enhance it.

In 2014 I won joint individual runner up for the ALT learning technologist of the year for my work with Google sites, Google+ and other web apps and sites which I promote through my blog. In 2018 and again this year I am thrilled to be included in #Edtech50 a list that celebrates the work of the education technology sector in the UK, and shines a spotlight on those pioneering a new future in education through technology.


During that same year I also appeared in the #JiscTop10 a competition that celebrates the excellent social media work being done by FE sector professionals whose innovative ways of using social media add value to their practice. Pleased to annouce that I have been confirmed as MIE Expert for 2020 -2021, I am looking forward to continued creating, sharing and collaborating with fellow educators.

In my current role I work as a learning and development manager a large further education group of colleges in the UK. My role is focused on the development of teaching staff which includes advising them on how they can make use of a varied range technology as an integral part of their teaching, alongside some delivery on the PGCE programme. I am always keen to share my knowledge and experience with others, and regularly do talks and run workshops at external events.

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