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Zeetings - Add interactivity with audience participation with this site.

When presenting it can be useful to get audience participation, there are lots of different tools you can use to do this, such as Padlet, Polleverywhere and Google forms, most of these require you to come out of your presentation and open an additional app.

Zeetings allows you to get audience participation whilst not requiring the participant to open additional apps to contribute.

You can upload an existing powerpoint or PDF, add an image, an Youtube video, embed content, add web links and create and add a poll. There are a number of different poll options available theses include: thumbs up/ down, multiple choice, scale and rank.

Having added your content it is very easy to arrange your slides and polls in particular order. Your finished presentation can be shared via a link, or you can use the present function and your audience can view your presentation on their own device and interact with your the polls as present.

You can sign in with the following social media accounts, Facebook, Linkedin and Google+, the benefit of this is having one less password to remember, you can also sign in via your email.

I could see this being a very useful way of getting students to engage when you are presenting,

Here is my Video walk through on how to use it

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