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Quizlet - Flash card creator

Link to to site:

Tutors are always looking for different ways to check students understanding, or to help their students to retain information. Flash cards have proven popular, they typically have a single word or term on the one side and a definition on the other.

Historically a tutor would have printed a set out for each student so that they could look at them at home or on the bus. Now with more of us moving to a paperless classroom with more students wanting to access content via their mobile devices we need to look to other ways of achieving the same thing.

That is where Quizlet comes in, it enables to you to create electronic flash cards, that students can view from their mobile devices.

You can log onto the site via your email or social media account. Once logged in you click 'Create' Add a title for your set, a description, set your language and start adding your terms and your definitions. Having entered the terms ,If you click on the magnifying glass it will let you search definitions from other Quizlet users, you can also add images.

Having created them you can choose the different ways that the student could engage with them.

You can then share it via email, link, via Google Classroom, Facebook and Twitter.

I could see this being useful for teacher in class for checking understadning, or by student for creating revision aides.

Here is my video guide for using Quizlet

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