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Populr- create a single web page with this easy to use site.

Link to site:

In todays digital age, everyone expects to be able to access information online. And the easiest way after social media to get information online is via a webpage.

This site allows you to create a single web page using a really simple interface made up of a number drop down menu screens, that let choose a logo, a background image, font styles and layout themes.

You can then add the following things to you web page including text, images, videos, documents and embedded content.

I could see this being a great tool for use by teachers as a way of allowing them to pull together and present a ranges of resources from a lesson and share with their learners . Or students could use it as a single page portfolio or as a way of presenting work for an assignment submission.

Click here to see my first attempt at creating a web page in populr

Here is video walk through

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