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Moocnote - Import video playlists then add notes to the specific points in the timeline.

Link to site:

As I have mentioned previously, video can be a hugely powerful tool, to help support learning. But it needs to be used in a way in which it will engage with the learners and add value in some way.

This is were MoocNote comes in, it has similar features to other sites, in that it allows you to enter notes that sync with specific points in the video timeline, however unlike Videon.otes it allows you to enter whole video playlists, it also supports the uploading of videos from GoogleDrive and Dropbox in addition to videos from YouTube.

Once logged in you start by adding a video or playlist, you do this by pasting the video link in box on dashboard page and then hitting import. Once you have imported your video or playlist you can add the following types of notes.

I could see this being a great way to add interactivity to your video playlists you have compiled to support learning, or your students could use it to compile playlists with notes and links that have featured as part if there research.

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