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Google Forms - easy to use survey and quiz creator

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

What is it

With the growing importance being placed on student voice and being able check wether learning has taken place or gather feedback from students on a module. There is need for a simple use survey tool. Thats where Google forms comes in, as part of Google drive it provides an easy to use means of creating online surveys.

How to use it

You can add a variety of different question types, including, short answer, paragraph, multiple choice, check box and drop down. It is also possible to add images and videos to your survey.

So that the user does not need to scroll lots, you can break up your form into different sections, it is also possible to direct the user to different sections depending on their answers. The finished Google form can be customised with different colours and themes applied.

Once completed the form can be shared via social media or via a link. The survey data is then automatically fed directly into a spreadsheet, and with a click of a button you can generate a visual summary of your responses. And as of recently you there are now Add ons available that allow you greater functionally on you you use and process the data.

When to use it

I could see teachers using it to check students understanding during a lesson as part of a connect or recall and review activity. It could also be used by teacher as part of an exit ticket activity or as a way of setting homework. I could see students using it as a way of gaining primary research as part of an assignment they are working on.

Click here to see a info-graphic I have created on using Google forms

Here is a video playlist featuring a number of guides on using Google forms

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